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PST ErrorPST Error Symptoms

Microsoft Outlook relies on something called the .PST file in order to store your email, contacts, and calendar entries. When the .PST file becomes corrupted, Outlook will display an error message.

Outlook ScannerCause of .PST Errors

Most .PST errors occur through no fault of the user. Instead, the .PST file is attacked by a virus or simply reaches its size limit.

PST RepairHow to Repair PST File

Fortunately, PST file errors are never permanent and they can always be fixed with the Outlook PST Repair Tool. We highly recommend this download.

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What is an Outlook PST error?

Many Microsoft Outlook users have encountered a PST file error at some point in their lives. And when PST errors occur, they can be incredibly frustrating to fix – especially for PC users who don’t consider themselves to be tech geniuses.

A PST file error means that the PST file has become temporarily inaccessible. This is due to corruption within the PST file or simply a file size limit. In any case, users cannot access Outlook without the PST file, and simple tasks like sending an email or creating a new contact become impossible.

PST errors should be fixed as soon as possible. If you don’t promptly repair your PST file, all of the data inside may be lost, including your emails, contact entries, and other information. For that reason, we highly recommend downloading Stellar Outlook PST Repair immediately after a PST file error occurs.


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Why do Outlook PST errors occur?

PST file errors can occur for a number of different reasons. However, most errors occur because Outlook restricts the PST file to a finite limit. That’s right: for whatever reason, Outlook decided that the emails, calendar entries, and contact data in your personal Outlook folder should not grow beyond a certain point.

This size limit is surprisingly small, especially by today’s standards. In most cases, the PST file size limit is 2GB, and trying to add data beyond this limit will lead to the PST file error messages we all love to hate. Once this limit is reached, Outlook locks the user out of the program and forces them to rely on third-party PST repair tools to regain access to their software.

Of course, not all PST file errors are the result of a file size limit. In other cases, errors occur due to virus problems. A virus may have corrupted certain parts of the file or attempted to gain access to your personal folder, for example.

In other cases, the PST file simply becomes corrupted due to a faulty hard drive, improper data storage, or a myriad of other reasons. Put simply, there are dozens of reasons why a PST file error message may be displayed. And fortunately, there is one easy way to solve all of these problems: Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair.

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Total Data Recovery in 3 Easy Steps :


How to repair PST file errors

Once you’ve experienced a PST file error, you need to act fast in order to save your data. As soon as you notice strange error messages like 0x80040116, it’s time to jump into action.

If you look at Microsoft’s official help guide for PST file errors, then you may have stumbled upon an application called ScanPST.exe. This tiny application is designed to repair PST file errors and prevent them from ever happening again. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, 99% of the time, ScanPST.exe doesn’t work at all. And in other cases, ScanPST.exe can even harm your personal data and make it even more difficult for other programs to repair the problem.

Yes, ScanPST.exe is a free tool that anyone can download. Unfortunately, it’s too small to be of any real use when solving complicated PST file problems. You can try using ScanPST.exe if you don’t believe us, but we’ll be waiting here when you get back. So what’s the best way to perform PST repair?

We highly recommend Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair, a software program that is committed to completely repairing your PST file and restoring total access to Microsoft Outlook. The program is easy for anyone to use and performs the entire PST repair process automatically. Within minutes, Outlook users will once again have access to their PST file and all the important personal files within.

The benefits of using Stellar Phoenix to Repair a PST File

Stellar Phoenix is the world’s best PST repair software for a reason. Here are a few of the advantages appreciated by users all over the world:

Goes to work instantly: With just a few clicks, Stellar Phoenix scans your computer for any PST files and then restores those files to proper working condition. Users don’t have to call tech support and wait for hours, nor do they have to create an entirely new PST file from scratch. Instead, Stellar Phoenix goes to work in minutes and solves all the user’s PST file problems.

Effective PST repair: This might seem like an obvious benefit of Stellar Phoenix. But when compared to ScanPST.exe, this benefit is worth mentioning. After all, Stellar Phoenix is the only program we’ve tested that can effectively and immediately restore access to your PST file.

Anyone can use it: Whether you’re a total tech newbie or a PC expert, Stellar Phoenix’s simple interface is a breeze to use. Just click a few buttons and the program does all of the hard work for you. If you can send an email in Microsoft Outlook, then you won’t have any trouble using this program.

Restores all PST files and Outlook data on your PC: Stellar Phoenix scans your entire computer for any .PST files. That includes PST files that may have been lost or deleted a long time ago. For that reason, Stellar Phoenix is also used as a data recovery tool – it can restore any deleted emails or Outlook data on your PC with just a click.

A permanent PST repair solution: Instead of simply patching up your PST error and postponing the issue to a later date, Stellar Phoenix permanently solves your PST problem and ensures that it never comes back. You also own the program for life, which means you can solve the PST file problems of other users on your PC.
If you’re looking for a fast and effective solution to your PST repair woes, look no further than Stellar Phoenix. It’s the best program on the market today and it’s amazingly effective at solving whatever PS problems you might have.  

Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair

Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair
PST Repair “How-To”
Step 1) Download and run Stellar Phoenix
Step 2) Scan your system for corrupt .PST files
Step 3) Click to recover your information


“I freaked out when Outlook displayed a weird PST file error message. I didn’t know what to do, but Google led me to you guys. Thanks again for solving my PST problems – you saved my virtual life!”
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“I can’t believe I even tried to use ScanPST.exe. It didn’t work at all! Then I tried this program, which actually repaired my PST file and I haven’t looked back since.”
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System Requirements
- Stellar Phoenix will run on any computer with Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP installed
- Supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook from MS Outlook 2000 to MS Outlook 2010
- Requires approximately 10 MB of hard drive space


Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair


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